Thank you so much  for the memories !!!

Due to a very serious illness I will be unable to continue Bettyann's Cranberry Harvest and History Tours.
So many people from all over  the  world have joined me as I conducted tours. Each and every one  touched me in some  way and  for  that I want  to thank each and  every one of  you. 
This was the hardest decision I have  ever had to make, I have loved the opportunity to share the beauty of my town.
I would be remiss if I didn't also thank the bog owners who gave me the permission to let visitors to our town watch the process of wet harvesting from beginning to end. They were gracious enough to allow  this  even though their schedule  was very tight and it required their full attention once  started.

Thank you all,

            Bettyann   Cry

                             100 to Bits