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Questions or Comments: Hi Bettyann! The four of us were at the Visitors Center and "just happened to see you start a tour, so we went with you. What an experience to see the harvest of the cranberry bogs! Thanks so much for being caring and knowledgeable. Fascinating tour!

 Robert  Watson

DEAR SPECIAL FRIEND, (email etiquette says all caps means I am screaming--so I am screaming--can you hear it?) 
Several times during our two and half days you said, "God works in mysterous was."  He truly does!  How else would three people who live 1400 miles apart find one another.  From almost the beginning, I had a strong feeling our time with you would be super special--AND IT WAS!  God put a wonderful person in our life and as I write tears are swelling in my eyes.  Tears of sadness--but more tears of JOY!  You are an ANGEL!    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  We really appreciate all you did for us and rest assured we deeply appreciate the interest and your gracious spirit shown.  Most of all we appreciate the person God made you!Bettyann, I appreciated everything you showed us, but what I enjoyed most was you taking us to your Nana's cottage.  As I stood there--looking out on the beach  and ocean--I was able to picture the personal stories you related that evening and other times during our journeys.  Before searching for your calendar, I can hear your Nana saying, "go to the ocean it will clear your mind, help you remember and bring relaxation."  SO GO TO THE OCEAN AND WADE!  Your Nana was and is a special part of who you are--so it meant alot for me to see her place/  THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leonardo & Donnar

Thanks for a thrill a minute weekend. You were superb!!! I couldn't have done it without you.
Again, thanks  for sharing  your talent with us.
Bob Grose

Kathy Shaw- MA

Saw on Channel 7 News- It was beyond my Expectations! 

Cheryl Wagner- MA

I really learned a lot. Bettyann knows a lot

Iris and John Rodgers- NY

"Bettyann's tour was extremely interesting, educational and personable. Her knowledge and her ability to share that knowledge made our visit unforgettable !!"


Matchell Family- TN

You did a great job getting very personal with our whole family.

Thank you very much. 

Cast of  The Lion King on their day off-

Fantastic!              Wonderful

Well Done.

       Great Fun !

John Rensenhouse- On tour with the "Lion King"

Love the history tidbits and local bog knowledge-- Thanks !


Frances Bennett- AR

It was very good seeing the cranberry bogs and the harvest. 

R and P Demarais- MN

Very Good Tour. So glad we took it. Bettyann knows her'stuff' and it is sure enjoyable. 

Harold and Jean Dungan- IN

Very interesting and educational-PLUS a whole bunch of fun


Baker Family- MS

Heard about tour from Travel Material that we recieved. FANTASTIC !!

Walter Deville- TX

Very Interesting and informative!!!

Jane Leslie- NY

Heard about the tour from a friend. Beautiful land, most picturesque  Sand, water, rocks and trees----and CRANBERRIES. Bettyanns factual informationand personal anecdotes made for an experience well worthwhile. Your appreciation and love of the community is a valuable asset for the town. Thanks again

Thursday March 22, 2012

Hi Betty Ann,

I went on two of your tours last October. We were four women, traveling around New England together; you got into our big white Ford and drove us out to some cranberry bogs and then the next day, drove us around Plymouth. I can't tell you how many times in the past few months I have stopped to think about something that you taught us, or to remember some aspect of those tours. 
I thought I would write to tell you just how much I enjoyed the time we spent with you. You seem to be so closely tied to the history of Plymouth, not that you lived it, but that history seemed to become alive, more real, while you were telling it.
I believe you recommended a book to us. Marian had this book sitting on her coffee table at home. She then gave it to Cathey to read, and Cathey passed it to Elisa. Mayflower, by Nathaniel Philbrick, has finally passed into my hands, and as I read it I remember standing with you, looking out over the water, thinking of those poor women being off loaded from the ship to finally stand on land and to begin building a fire to wash clothes. Not the stuff of romantic paintings, but very real and much more believable.
Anyway, thanks so much for your time. I enjoyed it so much, and I will always remember your tours as highlights of an amazing trip.

Diana Van Horn